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face recognition thermometer solution for intelligent prevention time attendance and access control

face recognition thermometer solution for intelligent prevention time attendance and access control

face recognition thermometer solution for intelligent prevention time attendance and access control

2020-06-01 15:29:33

With the COVID-19 situation rapidly evolving, we have put together a device that effectively integrates hardware and software components that provide you and your employees a safe working environment with minimal set-up time.
Contactless facial biometric thermometer solution for disease control 
, many face recognition thermometer access control system has been put into epidemic prevention work
it integrated with " temperature detection, Living organism anti-counterfeiting, mask detection, face recognition, face comparison, human identification comparison.
As is well known to all, infrared temperature measurement has been widely used in the current epidemic prevention and control due to its various advantages. The first-generation temperature measurement product derived from it is "hand-held  thermometer", has become a common tool for temperature detection of passengers at all entrances and exits. However, in crowded places, there are many disadvantages of hand-held thermometer.
When the epidemic prevention personnel measures the temperature of the passersby, they need to be in close contact. When there are too many people at the entrance of the channel, they need to wait in line for the temperature measurement. These are very likely to cause people to gather and increase the risk of cross-infection. Area resumption of work, a significant increase in the number and mobility of travel personnel, have brought greater challenges to epidemic prevention and control.
face recognition thermometer terminal is a Safe, accurate, and Efficient product for temperature measurement, the Recognition rate 99.8%.
face detection thermometer Collaborate with cloud services to send collected traffic, temperature, visitors, and other information to the platform, and perform unified management across the region and multiple points on the platform based on real-time data. There is no need to deploy a large amount of manpower on duty, and rapid decision-making can be easily achieved in the cloud.
Intelligent Face Recognition with Thermal Tracking Capabilities
Fast Identification through Facial Recognition (as fast as 300ms Recognition).
Able to identify while wearing face mask.
Auto Warning of abnormal temperature.
Take away manual monitoring and reduce contact and transmission risk with automated tracking solution.
Real-time data viewing and export. 
The all-in one device is an identification terminal product with face recognition technology as its core, which integrates video capture, facial recognition, temperate sensing, mask or without mask detection and network transmission.
It uses an embedded system with high performance hardware processing platform, providing high stability and reliability. 

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