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Authenticity & Brand Protection

Authenticity & Brand Protection

Authenticity & Brand Protection

2018-08-07 21:20:50




In order to eradicate counterfeits and fraud from this planet. We provide the ultimate solution for consumer goods and brand protection against counterfeits.


Our  smart NFC based authenticity labels  attached to products and serve as authenticity certificates.

We give every object a authenticity certificates to connect them to the Internet of Things.

This authenticity certificates enables us to offer brands authentication, grey market detection and consumer engagement services through the integration of an NFC tag in your products.

Prevent counterfeiting by integrating an NFC tag in your products. Authenticity can be checked by anyone by scanning the tag with a smartphone through an app.

Involve your consumers in your traceability chain to detect grey market or equip your chain with light track & trace cost-effective solutions.

Increase brand loyalty and develop one to one communication anytime, anywhere with your consumers by making your product smart. Capture unique data.


Sell your product online in China without fear of counterfeiting by joining our patented platform. Our patented platform is the only “One-stop shop” to connect, trace and secure your products. We connect your product to the Internet of Things by offering security, respecting privacy and allowing interoperability.


Unlike any other solution, our platform does not require any special equipment or expertise to determine whether an item is authentic. All that is needed is a Smartphone and our App.

Our patented platform turns any consumer, vendor, distributor, or retailer into a world-class authenticity expert!


Object Identification

Object identification and object authentication is where it starts to get interesting. Clearly, QR Codes are the leader here primarily because of cost. ‘Scan for more information’ or ‘scan for the user manual’ allow easy access to important information. However, QR Codes are seldom seen on FMCG goods or food packaging etc. Many industry watchers consider this to be a substantial NFC growth market – perhaps _the_ substantial growth market for mobile NFC outside payments/ticketing. We’d agree.


NFC tag has a number of benefits when used for object/product identification/authentication. It’s user friendly, seamless and reliable. Adding tags directly into products either so end users can quickly scan can be very effective. Additionally, tags can also be hidden inside products to be scanned only by those who know they are there. NFC authentication ranges from cheap and easy (such as a simple encoded ID linking to a web page or an App reading the chip UID) to cheap and reliable (such as reading the chip UID, checking the tag is genuine). Tags can be linked to marketing as well as checking the product details and/or authenticity can give a reason for a user to scan the tag and enables the manufacturer to connect with a customer post-purchase.


NFC Authentication

Product NFC authentication has anti-counterfeit benefits, user contact benefits, customer support benefits and relative to most product costs adds very little. Are we likely to see NFC tags on FMCG goods in the near future ? Not likely, but there’s a whole range of other products that would benefit.

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