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face recognition temperature measurement

face recognition temperature measurement stands with everyone to keep the community safe from invisible threats. It offers non-invasive, speedy, cost-effective, and accurate means for body temperature screening at any time and anywhere such as school, commercial building, and construction site entrance to secure public health.
face recognition temperature measurement combines facial recognition and fever detection functions and uses for Automated access control systems with fever detection. Engineered with state-of-the-art sensor technology, its temperature detection distance is up to 2 meters, which provides safe screening to staff and visitors before entering the premises or venues. If an abnormal temperature is detected, the system sets off an alarm or denies access.
face recognition temperature measurement with flexible and user-friendly Central Management System (Win CMS or Cloud CMS) platform enables administrators to manage ID group and schedule setting, as well as generate graphical reports of access logs and temperature records for better monitoring. It significantly enhances operation efficiency of both administration and security personnel, saving their time to improve productivity.it very suitable use for both office and retail environments
face recognition temperature measurement with a small, light pad integrated with visible light and infrared thermal imaging technology. It adopts the most advanced automatic temperature correction algorithm and the latest AI face detection algorithm to accurately measure the face temperature of visitors in real-time. When an elevated body temperature is detected, the system will automatically report to staff for re-inspection. It can work properly even the visitor is wearing a surgical mask.
The contactless facial recognition thermometer distance is up to 2 meters, Automatic Face Recognition Temperature Measuring Access Control Machine for Identification Fever Person
Use for identification, screening and analysis of fever and potential infected persons
Quick and convenient
Fever alarm
Intelligent security non-contact thermometer
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Infrared thermal imaging security temperature facial recognition terminal
Function: detect and identify the people who got fever and the temperature is higher than 37.3℃ to prevent the Novel Corona Virus spreading.
Product Features and Application Scenarios
Passes high-precision infrared temperature detection and perfectly integrates intelligence such as faces, ID cards, etc.
Functions such as access control, time attendance, etc., realize non-contact rapid detection, registration, and recording of human body temperature. It is widely used in office areas, hotels, aisles, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, communities, public services, and management projects place.
Key Features:
Non-contact automatic body temperature detection, brushing the face and performing high-precision infrared human temperature collection at the same time, fast and efficient;
Temperature measurement range 30-45℃ with accuracy ±0.3℃.
Automatic identification of personnel without masks and real-time warning;
Supports contact-free temperature measurement and real-time early warning of high temperature fever;
Support temperature data SDK and HTTP protocol docking;
Automatically register and record information, avoid manual operations, improve efficiency and reduce missing information;
Supports binocular live detection;
Unique face recognition algorithm to accurately recognize faces, face recognition time < 500ms
Support human motion tracking exposure in strong backlight environment, support machine vision optical wide dynamic ≥80db;
Adopt Linux operating system for better system stability;
Rich interface protocols, supporting SDK and HTTP protocols under multiple platforms such as Windows / Linux;
Supports fog through, 3d noise reduction, strong light suppression, electronic image stabilization, and has multiple white balance modes, suitable for various scene needs;
Supports electronic voice broadcast
Processor: Hi3516DV300
Operating system: Linux operating system
Storage: 16G EMMC
Imaging device: 1/2.7” CMOS
Lens: 4mm
Camera parameters:
Camera: Binocular camera supports live detection
Effective Pixels: 2 million effective pixels, 1920*1080
Minimum illumination: Color 0.01Lux @F1.2 (ICR); black and white 0.001 Lux @F1.2
Signal to noise ratio: ≥50db (AGC OFF)
Wide dynamic range: ≥80db
Face part:
Face recognition height: 1.2-2.2 meters, adjustable angle
Face recognition distance: 0.5-3 meters
Perspective: 30 degrees up and down
Recognition time <500ms
Face library: support 22,400 face comparison library
Face attendance: 100,000 face recognition records
Mask detection: Mask recognition algorithm, real-time reminder
Door authorization: White list comparison output signal (optional mask, temperature, or 3-in-1 authorization)
Stranger detection: Real-time snapshot push
Identify the scene: Backlight capture recognition and low-light fill light recognition in the sun.
Temperature performance:
Temperature measurement range: 30-45 (℃)
Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.3 (℃)
Temperature measurement distance: ≤0.5m
Response time: <300ms
Network interface: RJ45 10m / 100m adaptive Ethernet port
Wiegand interface: support Wiegand input or Wiegand output, Wiegand 26 and 34
Alarm output: 1 switch output
USB interface: 1 USB interface (can be connected with external ID card reader)
General parameters:
Powered by: DC 12V / 3A
Equipment power: 20W (MAX)
Operating temperature: 0℃ ± 50 ℃
Working humidity: 5 ~ 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Equipment size: 154 (W) * 89 (Thick) * 325 (H) mm
Equipment weight: 2.1 KG
Column aperture: 33mm

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